Level gauge

サワダ製作所(http://www.sawada-obk.com/) 液位計,水準計,水平器,レベルゲージ ローズマウント製(レベル計) Smart/Hart Level Transmitter Tag No. 13LR-18 Service 13D-9 Type Hart level transimitter Supply 24 VDC Output Signal Analog 4-20mA and hart signal (2-wires system) Integral Output Meter LCD Cable Entry 1/2 Inch NPT Ingress Protection IP 65 Instrument Class Explosion Proof Zero & Span Adjust Yes Accurac 1% Liquid H.C. Specific Gravity 0.845 Pressure Kg/cm2g 4 Temperature 160 Process Connection Type Flange Ansi B16.5, Size, 2Inch #150RF Connection Position Top-Side Vent &Drain Drain 3/4" NPT Head Mounting Right Material Carbon Steel Type Displacer Range mm 1524 Material 316 ST.ST Supply Gauge &cocks Type Transparent Material C.ST Distance between 1524mm Fluid H.C Pressure kg/cm2 6 Specific 0.85 Temp 160 Type of connections Flanges acc. to ANSI B 165. Size 3/4" #150RF Ball checks Yes Visible length 1300 Glass dimenions 340*30*17mm LEVEL GAUGE SHALL BE SUPPLIED COMPLETELY WITH ( GLASS- MICA-GASCKETS – COCKSVALVES)

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152673-23301 CRANK PIN METAL(曲柄销轴衬), Qty.2(存库数量2)

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