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一、Kinds of L/C 信用证类型

1.revocable L/C/irrevocable L/C 可撤销信用证/不可撤销信用证

2.confirmed L/C/unconfirmed L/C 保兑信用证/不保兑信用证

3.sight L/C/usance L/C 即期信用证/远期信用证

4.transferable L/C(or)assignable L/C(or)transmissible L/C /untransferable L/C


5.divisible L/C/undivisible L/C 可分割信用证/不可分割信用证

6.revolving L/C 循环信用证

7.L/C with T/T reimbursement clause 带电汇条款信用证

8.without recourse L/C/with recourse L/C 无追索权信用证/有追索权信用证

9.documentary L/C/clean L/C 跟单信用证/光票信用证

10.deferred payment L/C/anticipatory L/C 延期付款信用证/预支信用证

11.back to back L/Creciprocal L/C 对背信用证/对开信用证

12.traveller's L/C(or:circular L/C) 旅行信用证

二、L/C Parties Concerned 有关当事人

1.opener 开证人

(1)applicant 开证人(申请开证人)

(2)principal 开证人(委托开证人)

(3)accountee 开证人

(4)accreditor 开证人(委托开证人)

(5)opener 开证人

(6)for account of Messrs 付(某人)帐

(7)at the request of Messrs 应(某人)请求

(8)on behalf of Messrs 代表某人

(9)by order of Messrs 奉(某人)之命

(10)by order of and for account of Messrs 奉(某人)之命并付其帐户

(11)at the request of and for account of Messrs 应(某人)得要求并付其帐户

(12)in accordance with instruction received from accreditors 根据已收到得委托开证人得指示

2.beneficiary 受益人

(1)beneficiary 受益人

(2)in favour of 以(某人)为受益人

(3)in one's favour 以……为受益人

(4)favouring yourselves 以你本人为受益人

3.drawee 付款人(或称受票人,指汇票)

(1)to drawn on (or :upon) 以(某人)为付款人

(2)to value on 以(某人)为付款人

(3)to issued on 以(某人)为付款人

4.drawer 出票人

5.advising bank 通知行

(1)advising bank 通知行

(2)the notifying bank 通知行

(3)advised through…bank 通过……银行通知

(4)advised by airmail/cable through…bank 通过……银行航空信/电通知

6.opening bank 开证行

(1)opening bank 开证行

(2)issuing bank 开证行

(3)establishing bank 开证行

7.negotiation bank 议付行

(1)negotiating bank 议付行

(2)negotiation bank 议付行

8.paying bank 付款行

9.reimbursing bank 偿付行

10.the confirming bank 保兑行

三、Amount of the L/C 信用证金额

1.amount RMB¥… 金额:人民币

2.up to an aggregate amount of Hongkong Dollars… 累计金额最高为港币……

3.for a sum (or :sums) not exceeding a total of GBP… 总金额不得超过英镑……

4.to the extent of HKD… 总金额为港币……

5.for the amount of USD… 金额为美元……

6.for an amount not exceeding total of JPY… 金额的总数不得超过……日元的限度

四、The Stipulations for the shipping Documents 跟单条款

1.available against surrender of the following documents bearing our credit number and the full name and address of the opener 凭交出下列注名本证号码和开证人的全称及地址的单据付款

2.drafts to be accompanied by the documents marked(×)below 汇票须随附下列注有(×)的单据

3.accompanied against to documents hereinafter 随附下列单据

4.accompanied by following documents 随附下列单据

5.documents required 单据要求

6.accompanied by the following documents marked(×)in duplicate 随附下列注有(×)的单据一式两份

7.drafts are to be accompanied by… 汇票要随附(指单据)……

五、Draft(Bill of Exchange) 汇票

1.the kinds of drafts 汇票种类

(1)available by drafts at sight 凭即期汇票付款

(2)draft(s) to be drawn at 30 days sight 开立30天的期票

(3)sight drafs 即期汇票

(4)time drafts 原期汇票

2.drawn clauses 出票条款(注:即出具汇票的法律依据)

(1)all darfts drawn under this credit must contain the clause “Drafts drawn Under Bank of…credit No.…dated…” 本证项下开具的汇票须注明“本汇票系凭……银行……年……月……日第…号信用证下开具”的条款

(2)drafts are to be drawn in duplicate to our order bearing the clause “Drawn under United Malayan Banking Corp.Bhd.Irrevocable Letter of Credit No.…dated July 12, 1978” 汇票一式两份,以我行为抬头,并注明“根据马来西亚联合银行1978年7月12日第……号不可撤销信用证项下开立”

(3)draft(s) drawn under this credit to be marked:“Drawn under…Bank L/C No.……Dated (issuing date of credit)” 根据本证开出得汇票须注明“凭……银行……年……月……日(按开证日期)第……号不可撤销信用证项下开立”

(4)drafts in duplicate at sight bearing the clauses“Drawn under…L/C No.…dated…” 即期汇票一式两份,注明“根据……银行信用证……号,日期……开具”

(5)draft(s) so drawn must be in scribed with the number and date of this L/C 开具的汇票须注上本证的号码和日期

(6)draft(s) bearing the clause:“Drawn under documentary credit No.…(shown above) of…Bank” 汇票注明“根据……银行跟单信用证……号(如上所示)项下开立”

六、Invoice 发票

1.signed commercial invoice 已签署的商业发票

in duplicate 一式两份

in triplicate 一式三份

in quadruplicate 一式四份

in quintuplicate 一式五份

in sextuplicate 一式六份

in septuplicate 一式七份

in octuplicate 一式八份

in nonuplicate 一式九份

in decuplicate 一式十份

2.beneficiary's original signed commercial invoices at least in 8 copies issued in the name of the buyer indicating (showing/evidencing/specifying/declaration of) the merchandise, country of origin and any other relevant information. 以买方的名义开具、注明商品名称、原产国及其他有关资料,并经签署的受益人的商业发票正本至少一式八份

3.Signed attested invoice combined with certificate of origin and value in 6 copies as reuired for imports into Nigeria. 以签署的,连同产地证明和货物价值的,输入尼日利亚的联合发票一式六份

4.beneficiary must certify on the invoice…have been sent to the accountee 受益人须在发票上证明,已将……寄交开证人

5.4% discount should be deducted from total amount of the commercial invoice 商业发票的总金额须扣除4%折扣

6.invoice must be showed: under A/P No.… date of expiry 19th Jan. 1981 发票须表明:根据第……号购买证,满期日为1981年1月19日

7.documents in combined form are not acceptable 不接受联合单据

8.combined invoice is not acceptable 不接受联合发票

七、Bill of Loading 提单

1.full set shipping (company's) clean on board bill(s) of lading marked "Freight Prepaid" to order of shipper endorsed to … Bank, notifying buyers 全套装船(公司的)洁净已装船提单应注明“运费付讫”,作为以装船人指示为抬头、背书给……银行,通知买方

2.bills of lading made out in negotiable form 作成可议付形式的提单

3.clean shipped on board ocean bills of lading to order and endorsed in blank marked "Freight Prepaid" notify: importer(openers,accountee) 洁净已装船的提单空白抬头并空白背书,注明“运费付讫”,通知进口人(开证人)

4.full set of clean "on board" bills of lading/cargo receipt made out to our order/to order and endorsed in blank notify buyers M/S … Co. calling for shipment from China to Hamburg marked "Freight prepaid" / "Freight Payable at Destination" 全套洁净“已装船”提单/货运收据作成以我(行)为抬头/空白抬头,空白背书,通知买方……公司,要求货物字中国运往汉堡,注明“运费付讫”/“运费在目的港付”

5.bills of lading issued in the name of… 提单以……为抬头

6.bills of lading must be dated not before the date of this credit and not later than Aug. 15, 1977 提单日期不得早于本证的日期,也不得迟于1977年8月15日

7.bill of lading marked notify: buyer,“Freight Prepaid”“Liner terms”“received for shipment” B/L not acceptable 提单注明通知买方,“运费预付”按“班轮条件”,“备运提单”不接受

8.non-negotiable copy of bills of lading 不可议付的提单副本

八、Insurance Policy (or Certificate) 保险单 (或凭证)

1.Risks & Coverage 险别

(1)free from particular average (F.P.A.) 平安险

(2)with particular average (W.A.) 水渍险(基本险)

(3)all risk 一切险(综合险)

(4)total loss only (T.L.O.) 全损险

(5)war risk 战争险

(6)cargo(extended cover)clauses 货物(扩展)条款

(7)additional risk 附加险

(8)from warehouse to warehouse clauses 仓至仓条款

(9)theft,pilferage and nondelivery (T.P.N.D.) 盗窃提货不着险

(10)rain fresh water damage 淡水雨淋险

(11)risk of shortage 短量险

(12)risk of contamination 沾污险

(13)risk of leakage 渗漏险

(14)risk of clashing & breakage 碰损破碎险

(15)risk of odour 串味险

(16)damage caused by sweating and/or heating 受潮受热险

(17)hook damage 钩损险

(18)loss and/or damage caused by breakage of packing 包装破裂险

(19)risk of rusting 锈损险

(20)risk of mould 发霉险

(21)strike, riots and civel commotion (S.R.C.C.) 罢工、暴动、民变险

(22)risk of spontaneous combustion 自燃险

(23)deterioration risk 腐烂变质险

(24)inherent vice risk 内在缺陷险

(25)risk of natural loss or normal loss 途耗或自然损耗险

(26)special additional risk 特别附加险

(27)failure to delivery 交货不到险

(28)import duty 进口关税险

(29)on deck 仓面险

(30)rejection 拒收险

(31)aflatoxin 黄曲霉素险

(32)fire risk extension clause-for storage of cargo at destination Hongkong, including Kowloon, or Macao 出口货物到香港(包括九龙在内)或澳门存仓火险责任扩展条款

(33)survey in customs risk 海关检验险

(34)survey at jetty risk 码头检验险

(35)institute war risk 学会战争险

(36)overland transportation risks 陆运险

(37)overland transportation all risks 陆运综合险

(38)air transportation risk 航空运输险

(39)air transportation all risk 航空运输综合险

(40)air transportation war risk 航空运输战争险

(41)parcel post risk 邮包险

(42)parcel post all risk 邮包综合险

(43)parcel post war risk 邮包战争险

(44)investment insurance(political risks) 投资保险(政治风险)

(45)property insurance 财产保险

(46)erection all risks 安装工程一切险

(47)contractors all risks 建筑工程一切险

2.the stipulations for insurance 保险条款

(1)marine insurance policy 海运保险单

(2)specific policy 单独保险单

(3)voyage policy 航程保险单

(4)time policy 期限保险单

(5)floating policy (or open policy) 流动保险单

(6)ocean marine cargo clauses 海洋运输货物保险条款

(7)ocean marine insurance clauses (frozen products) 海洋运输冷藏货物保险条款

(8)ocean marine cargo war clauses 海洋运输货物战争险条款

(9)ocean marine insurance clauses (woodoil in bulk) 海洋运输散装桐油保险条款

(10)overland transportation insurance clauses (train, trucks) 陆上运输货物保险条款(火车、汽车)

(11)overland transportation insurance clauses (frozen products) 陆上运输冷藏货物保险条款

(12)air transportation cargo insurance clauses 航空运输货物保险条款

(13)air transportation cargo war risk clauses 航空运输货物战争险条款

(14)parcel post insurance clauses 邮包保险条款

(15)parcel post war risk insurance clauses 邮包战争保险条款

(16)livestock & poultry insurance clauses (by sea, land or air)


(17)…risks clauses of the P.I.C.C. subject to C.I.C.


(18)marine insurance policies or certificates in negotiable form, for 110% full CIF invoice covering the risks of War & W.A. as per the People's Insurance Co. of China dated 1/1/1976. With extended cover up to Kuala Lumpur with claims payable in (at) Kuala Lumpur in the currency of draft (irrespective of percentage) 作为可议付格式的海运保险单或凭证按照到岸价的发票金额110%投保中国人民保险公司1976年1月1日的战争险和基本险,负责到吉隆坡为止。按照汇票所使用的货币在吉隆坡赔付(无免赔率)

(19)insurance policy or certificate settling agent's name is to be indicated, any additional premium to cover uplift between 10 and 17% may be drawn in excess of the credit ualue 保险单或凭证须表明理赔代理人的名称,保险费如增加10-17%可在本证金额以外支付

(20)insurance policy (certificate) … Name of Assured to be showed: A.B.C.Co. Ltd. 保险单或凭证作成以A.B.C.有限公司为被保险人

(21)insurance policy or certificate covering W.A. (or F.P.A.) and war risks as per ocean marine cargo clause and ocean marine cargo war risk clauses of the People's Insurance Company of China dated 1/1/1981 保险单或凭证根据中国人民保险公司1981年1月1日的海洋运输货物保险条款和海洋运输货物战争险条款投保水渍险(或平安险)和战争险

(22)insurance policy/certificate covering all war mines risks 保险单/凭证投保一切险、战争险、地雷险(注:mines解释为地雷,属于战争险的负责范围,可以接受)

(23)W.A. this insurance must be valid for period of 60 days after the discharge of goods 水渍险在货物卸船后60天有效

(24)in triplicate covering all risks and war risks including W.A. and breakage in excess of five per cent on the whole consignment and including W/W up to buyer's godown in Penang


(25)insurance policy issued of endorsed to order … for the face value of invoice plus 10% covering including war with 15 days after arrival of goods at destination, only against FPA and T.P.N.D.


(26)insurance policy or certificate issued by an insurance Co. with W.P.A. clause covering the merchandise for about 10% above the full invoice value including unlimited transhipment with claims payable at Singapore


(27)covering all eventual risks 投保一切以外风险

(28)covering all marine risks 投保一切海运风险

(29)marine insurance policy including "both ot blame" collision clauses and fully covering the shipment 海运保险单包括负责船舶互撞条款和全部货载

(30)insurance … including deviation clauses 保险包括绕道条款

(31)covering overland transportation all risks as per overland transportation cargo insurance clauses (train, trucks) of the People's Insurance Company of China dated…


(32)covering air transportation all risk as per air transportation cargo insurance clauses of P.I.C.C.


(33)insurance policy or certificate covering parcel post all risks including war risks as per parcel post insurance clauses and parcel post war risk insuracne clauses of the People's Insurance Company of China dated…


(34)covering all risks including war risks as per ocean marine cargo clauses and air transportation cargo insurance clauses and ocean marine cargo war risk clauses and air transportation cargo war risk clauses of the People's Insurance Company of China dated…


(35)covering all risks as per ocean marine cargo clauses and overland transportation cargo insurance clause (train, truck) of P.I.C.C. dated…


(36)covering all risks including war risks as per overland transportation cargo insurance clauses (train,truck) and air transportation cargo insurance clauses and air transportation cargo war risk clause and war clauses (for cargo transportation by rail) of the People's Insurance Company of China dated…


(37)including shortage in weight in excess of 0.5%(with 0.5% franchise) on the whole consignment


(38)including risk of breakage and clashing 包括破裂或凹瘪险

(39)including risk of chipping & denting 包括碎裂或凹弯险

(40)including risk of bad odour 包括恶味险

(41)including damage by hooks, oils, muds and contact with other cargo(insured value)


(42)including damage caused by rain fresh and/or water, internal combustion(total or partial loss)


(43)including loss and/or damage caused by sea water, fresh-water, acid,grease


(44)including T.P.N.D. loss and/or damage caused by heat, ship's sweat and odour, hoop-rust, breakage of packing


(45)including damage caused by infestation mould 包括虫蛀霉烂的损失

(46)including damage due to rough handling during transit subject to C.T.C.


(47)including loss and/or damage from any external cause as per CIC


(48)including damage by slings, stains, grease, acids


(49)excluding risk of breakage 不包括破碎险

(50)including the breakage does not cover the goods remarked in th invoice as originally damage


(51)excluding natural loss in weight 不包括途耗短量的损失

(52)including 60 days after discharge of the goods at port of destination (or at station of destination) subject to C.T.C.


(53)including W.A. & risk of fire for 60 days in customs warehouse after discharge of the goods at port of destination subject to CIC


(54)this insurance must be valid for a period of 60 days after arrival of merchandise at inland destination 本保险扩展到货物到达内地的目的地后60天有效

(55)insurance policy or certificate covering F.P.A. including the risk of war and risks of S.R.C.C. as per I.C.C. dated…and institute war clauses dated…and institute S.R.C.C. clauses dated…


(56)the People's Insurance Company of China investment insurance (political risks) clauses


(57)property insurance clauses 财产保险条款

(58)the People's Insurance Company of China Erection all risks clauses


(59)the People's Insurance Company of China contractors all risks clauses


九、Certificate of Origin 产地证

1.certificate of origin of China showing 中国产地证明书

stating 证明

evidencing 列明

specifying 说明

indicating 表明

declaration of 声明

2.certificate of Chinese origin 中国产地证明书

3.Certificate of origin shipment of goods of … origin prohibited 产地证,不允许装运…的产品

4.declaration of origin 产地证明书(产地生明)

5.certificate of origin separated 单独出具的产地证

6.certificate of origin "form A" “格式A”产地证明书

7.genetalised system of preference certificate of origin form "A" 普惠制格式“A”产地证明书

十、Packing List and Weight List 装箱单与重量单

1.packing list deatiling the complete inner packing specification and contents of each package 载明每件货物之内部包装的规格和内容的装箱单

2.packing list detailing… 详注……的装箱单

3.packing list showing in detail… 注明……细节的装箱单

4.weight list 重量单

5.weight notes 磅码单(重量单)

6.detailed weight list 明细重量单

7.weight and measurement list 重量和尺码单

十一、Inspection Certificate 检验证书

1.certificate of weight 重量证明书

2.certificate of inspection certifying quality & quantity in triplicate issued by C.I.B.C. 由中国商品检验局出具的品质和数量检验证明书一式三份

3.phytosanitary certificate 植物检疫证明书

4.plant quarantine certificate 植物检疫证明书

5.fumigation certificate 熏蒸证明书

6.certificate stating that the goods are free from live weevil 无活虫证明书(熏蒸除虫证明书)

7.sanitary certificate 卫生证书

8.health certificate 卫生(健康)证书

9.analysis certificate 分析(化验)证书

10.tank inspection certificate 油仓检验证明书

11.record of ullage and oil temperature 空距及油温记录单

12.certificate of aflatoxin negative 黄曲霉素检验证书

13.non-aflatoxin certificate 无黄曲霉素证明书

14.survey report on weight issued by C.I.B.C. 中国商品检验局签发之重量检验证明书

15.inspection certificate 检验证书

16.inspection and testing certificate issued by C.I.B.C. 中国商品检验局签发之检验证明书

十二、Other Documents 其他单据

1.full tet of forwarding agents' cargo receipt 全套运输行所出具之货物承运收据

2.air way bill for goods condigned to…quoting our credit number 以……为收货人,注明本证号码的空运货单

3.parcel post receipt 邮包收据

4.Parcel post receipt showing parcels addressed to…a/c accountee 邮包收据注明收件人:通过……转交开证人

5.parcel post receipt evidencing goods condigned to…and quoting our credit number 以……为收货人并注明本证号码的邮包收据

6.certificate customs invoice on form 59A combined certificate of value and origin for developing countries 适用于发展中国家的包括价值和产地证明书的格式59A海关发票证明书

7.pure foods certificate 纯食品证书

8.combined certificate of value and Chinese origin 价值和中国产地联合证明书

9.a declaration in terms of FORM 5 of New Zealand forest produce import and export and regultions 1966 or a declaration FORM the exporter to the effect that no timber has been used in the packing of the goods, either declaration may be included on certified customs invoice 依照1966年新西兰林木产品进出口法格式5条款的声明或出口人关于货物非用木器包装的实绩声明,该声明也可以在海关发票中作出证明

10.Canadian custtoms invoice(revised form)all signed in ink showing fair market value in currency of country of export 用出口国货币标明本国市场售价,并进行笔签的加拿大海关发票(修订格式)

11.Canadian import declaration form 111 fully signed and completed 完整签署和填写的格式111加拿大进口声明书

十三、The Stipulation for Shipping Terms 装运条款

1.loading port and destinaltion装运港与目的港

(1)despatch/shipment from Chinese port to… 从中国港口发送/装运往……

(2)evidencing shipment from China to…CFR by steamer in transit Saudi Arabia not later than 15th July, 1987 of the goods specified below


2.date of shipment 装船期

bills of lading must be dated not later than August 15, 1987


(2)shipment must be effected not later than(or on)July 30,1987 货物不得迟于(或于)1987年7月30日装运

(3)shipment latest date… 最迟装运日期:……

(4)evidencing shipment/despatch on or before… 列明货物在…年…月…日或在该日以前装运/发送

(5)from China port to … not later than 31st August, 1987 不迟于1987年8月31日从中国港口至……

3.partial shipments and transhipment 分运与转运

(1)partial shipments are (not) permitted (不)允许分运

(2)partial shipments (are) allowed (prohibited) 准许(不准)分运

(3)without transhipment 不允许转运

(4)transhipment at Hongkong allowed 允许在香港转船

(5)partial shipments are permissible, transhipment is allowed except at… 允许分运,除在……外允许转运

(6)partial/prorate shipments are perimtted 允许分运/按比例装运

(7)transhipment are permitted at any port against, through B/lading


十四、Date & Address of Expiry 有效日期与地点

1.valid in…for negotiation until… 在……议付至……止

2.draft(s) must be presented to the negotiating(or drawee)bank not later than… 汇票不得迟于……交议付行(受票行)

3.expiry date for presention of documents… 交单满期日

4.draft(s) must be negotiated not later than… 汇票要不迟于……议付

5.this L/C is valid for negotiation in China (or your port) until 15th, July 1977 本证于1977年7月15日止在中国议付有效

6.bills of exchange must be negotiated within 15 days from the date of bills of lading but not later than August 8, 1977 汇票须在提单日起15天内议付,但不得迟于1977年8月8日

7.this credit remains valid in China until 23rd May, 1977(inclusive) 本证到1977年5月23日为止,包括当日在内在中国有效

8.expiry date August 15, 1977 in country of beneficiary for negotiation 于1977年8月15日在受益人国家议付期满

9.draft(s) drawn under this credit must be presented for negoatation in China on or before 30th August, 1977 根据本证项下开具的汇票须在1977年8月30日或该日前在中国交单议付

10.this credit shall cease to be available for negotiation of beneficairy's drafts after 15th August, 1977 本证将在1977年8月15日以后停止议付受益人之汇票

11.expiry date 15th August, 1977 in the country of the beneficiary unless otherwise 除非另有规定,(本证)于1977年8月15日受益人国家满期

12.draft(s) drawn under this credit must be negotiation in China on or before August 12, 1977 after which date this credit expires


13.expiry (expiring) date… 满期日……

14.…if negotiation on or before… 在……日或该日以前议付

15.negoation must be on or before the 15th day of shipment 自装船日起15天或之前议付

16.this credit shall remain in force until 15th August 197 in China 本证到1977年8月15日为止在中国有效

17.the credit is available for negotiation or payment abroad until… 本证在国外议付或付款的日期到……为止

18.documents to be presented to negotiation bank within 15 days after shipment 单据需在装船后15天内交给议付行

19.documents must be presented for negotiation within…days after the on board date of bill of lading/after the date of issuance of forwarding agents' cargo receipts


十五、The Guarantee of the Opening Bank 开证行付款保证

1.we hereby engage with you that all drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit will be duly honored 我行保证及时对所有根据本信用证开具、并与其条款相符的汇票兑付

2.we undertake that drafts drawn and presented in conformity with the terms of this credit will be duly honoured 开具并交出的汇票,如与本证的条款相符,我行保证依时付款

3.we hereby engage with the drawers, endorsers and bona-fide holders of draft(s) drawn under and in compliance with the terms of the credit that such draft(s) shall be duly honoured on due presentation and delivery of documents as specified (if drawn and negotiated with in the validity date of this credit) 凡根据本证开具与本证条款相符的汇票,并能按时提示和交出本证规定的单据,我行保证对出票人、背书人和善意持有人承担付款责任(须在本证有效期内开具汇票并议付)

4.provided such drafts are drawn and presented in accordance with the terms of this credit, we hereby engage with the drawers, endorsors and bona-fide holders that the said drafts shall be duly honoured on presentation 凡根据本证的条款开具并提示汇票,我们担保对其出票人、背书人和善意持有人在交单时承兑付款

5.we hereby undertake to honour all drafts drawn in accordance with the terms of this credit 所有按照本条款开具的汇票,我行保证兑付

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