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Your T shirts can find a ready market in the eastern part of our country.


We all understand that Chinese shippers are very popular in your market on account of their superior quality and competitive price.


This product has been a best seller for nearly one year.


There is a good market for these articles.


There is a poor market for these articles.


There is no market for these articles.


Your bicycles find a ready market here.


They talked over at great length the matter of how to increase the sale of your products.


Please furnish us with more information from time to time so that we may find outlets for our stationery.


They are doing their utmost to open up an outlet.


Our demand for this product is steadily on the increase.


We are sure that you can sell more this year according to the marketing conditions at your end.


Packing has a close bearing on sales.


We are trying to find a market for this article.


We regret we cannot find any market for this article.


According to our experience, these handicrafts can find a ready market in Japan.


We can discuss further details when you have a thorough knowledge of the marketing possibilities of our products.


According to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turnover you could fulfill?


The market situation is not known to us.


Your market still has great potential.


There are only a few unsold pieces.


Who issues the inspection certificate in case the quality do not confirm to the contract?


The certificate will be issued by China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau or by any of its branches.


The Inspection Certificate will be signed by the commissioner of your bureau.


Our certificates are made valid by means of the official seal and personal chop of the commissioner.


As a rule, our certificate is made out in Chinese and English.


You may have another certificate showing the goods to be free from radioactive contamination.


Our goods must be up to export standards before the Inspection Bureau releases them.


Our Inspection Bureau will issue a Veterinary Inspection Certificate to show that the shipment is in conformity with export standards.


Is it convenient for you to engage a surveyor?


We have the best surveyor, China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau.


Promoting the sale of your suits has proved successful.


There appear to be no difficulty in marketing these products.


We learn that you have years of experience in pushing the sale of porcelain products.


Meanwhile, we should like to know your plan to push the sale of our products.


You are experienced in promoting the sale of our craft paper.


I can assure you we've spared no effort and spent quite a sum of money in pushing the sales of your products.


We've spared no effort in promoting the sale of your products.


Our salesmen have worked hard to push the sale of your products here, there and everywhere.


Thanks for all the work you've done to promote the sale of our products.


Words and Phrases

salable 畅销的

popular 有销路的

find a market 销售

selling line 销路

trial sale, test sale, test market 试销

salable goods 畅销货

popular goods 快货

the best selling line (the best seller) 热门货

to find (have) a ready market 有销路,畅销

to have a strong footing in a market 很有销路

good market 畅销

poor(no) market 滞销

goods that sell well 畅销货

sell like wild fire 畅销,销得很快

Inspection Certificate 检验证明

Inspection Certificate of Quality 质量检验证书

Inspection Certificate of Quantity 数量检验证书

surveyor 检验行,公证行

Additional Words and Phrases

Inspection Certificate of Weight 重量检验证书

Inspection Certificate of Origin 产地检验证书

Inspection Certificate of value 价值检验证书

Inspection Certificate of Health 健康检验证书

Sanitary Inspection Certificate 卫生检验证书

Veterinary Inspection Certificate 兽医检验证书

inspection of packing 包装检验

inspection of loading 监装检验

inspection of material 材料检验

inspection of risk 被保险物价的检查

inspection of storage 监装

inspection of voucher 凭证检验

inception of carriage 货车检查

inspection of document 单证检查

inspection of fixed asset 固定资产检查

inspection of incoming merchandise 到货验收

Inspection Certificate on Damaged cargo 验残检验证书

Inspection Certificate on Tank 验船证书

Certificate of Measurement & Weight 货载衡量证书

Authentic Surveyor 公证签定人

inspection on cleanliness 清洁检验

inspection on cleanliness of dry cargo hold 干货舱清洁检验

inspection on cleanliness of tank 油舱清洁检验

inspection and acceptance 验收

inspection before delivery 交货前检验

inspection after construction 施工后检验

inspection during construction 在建工程检验

inspection between process 工序间检验

inspection report 检验报告

inspection tag 检查标签

Inspectorate General of Customs 海关稽查总局

inspection and certificate fee 检验签证费

to issue(a certificate) 发…(证明)

Sworn Measurer 宣誓衡量人

Underwriters Laboratory 保险商实验室

Loyd's Surveyor 英国劳氏公证行

selling techniques 推销技术

selling and administrative expense 推销及管理费用

selling concept 推销观点

Additional Words and Phrases

selling 卖的;出售的;销路好的

sell 卖;销售;有销路

sales agent 代销人;销售代理商

sell at a bargain, sell at a profit 廉价出售

sell goods at a high figure 高价出售

sellers' market 卖方市场

buyers' market 买方市场

selling price 售价,时价

selling season 销售季节

marketing mix 销售综合方法,销售策略

marketing establishment 销售企业,销售公司

consumer media 销售方面的宣传工具

sales person 推销员,售货员(包括男、女)

salesman 售货员

saleslady, salesgirl, saleswoman (口语)女售货员

sales clerk 男(女)售货员(美国口语)

marketing managers 推销经理

market test 销售实验

dumping 倾销

sporadic dumping 偶尔倾销,非持久性倾销

predatory dumping 掠夺性倾销

International Dumping Code 国际反倾销法

marketing system 销售体系

a company's marketing program 一家公司的销售计划

sales promotion 促销

marketing strategies 销售策略

market segmentation 市场分割

selling cost 销售成本

selling expense 销售费用

selling operation 销售业务

selling profit 销售利润

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