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経験豊富な販売、技術エンジニアがお客様に最適のソリューションをご相談します。 複雑な発電プラントからエンジン用のソレノイドまで対応します。

ディーゼルエンジン ガバナ

Our core business is being a Specialist in the periphery-systems for internal combustibles engine.

Providing; control, governing and monitoring systems that intergrades internal combustible engine or generator sets, for both, Industrial and Marine sector. Applications are also available for generator-set compressor, pumps or mobile off-road.

We are exporter/wholesaler & stockiest of engine governing systems, generator-set controls, hydraulic engine starting systems, ignition for gas engines, engine accessories, dual fuel conversions, and manufacturer of prototypes.

Experienced sales and technical engineers can consult and work out an ideal solution for you, no matter if it is a complex power plant application or a simple stop solenoid for your engine series. We take time for your needs!

InteliGenNT is a comprehensive controller for both single and multiple gen-sets operating in standby or parallel modes.

PRODUCT GUIDE, Electronic edition – Associated Control Products

PRODUCT GUIDE, Electronic edition – Applications

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Locomotive Controls

The staff of GOVERNORS AMERICA CORP. (GAC) has over 25 years experience in the manufacture of Engine Governing Systems for a wide variety of applications.

Considering the worldwide scattered operating locations of some locos, GAC selected primarily analogue technology for today's locomotive controls. This concept provides cost effective, easy to adjust, very reliable and serviceable control systems

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